Frequently asked questions about crystal glass

1.What is the crystal glass?

Nature crystal is a pure substance of SiO2.In the nature it is created by crystallization of magma. If the SiO2 is pure and does not contain any other substances it forms a shape of hexagonal pyramid. But this case is fairly rare in the natural environment. Our long-term development of the materials and the glass we invented a specific composition of minerals so the final product matches optical specifications of natural crystal.

2. Why crystal glass contains lead oxide?

Lead oxide gives crystal the shine and the sparkle. No other natural substance can replace its remarkable properties in sufficient extent. There are no health hazards from crystal containing lead oxide (PbO).

3. Why Bohemian crystal contains exactly 24% PbO?

It is due to the standards for the glass manufactures. Crystal containing exactly 24% of lead oxide (PbO) can be considered as genuine Bohemian lead crystal.

4. How do I know that it is the true Bohemian crystal?

Our fine products are containing exactly 24% of lead oxide. Thus are heavier and more massive than ordinary glass. Crystal glass produced in our factory is hand cut so our products have a high refractive index and shimmer beautifully. If you double-click on a open bowl or on a crystal clear glass it should issue a long ringing sound. The color is neutral glass clear. Products should not be greenish, blue or too pink tinted. As a by product of hand manufacturing a small bubbles can appear in the final product. A small bubble should be seen as a evidence that the product was actually made by hand. It should be seen as a original and unique. Nevertheless, the product should not contain excessive amounts of these bubbles.

5. How do I take care of Czech crystal?

Crystal glass is recommended to wash by hand under not so warm running water. Never use an aggressive detergents and dishwasher.

6. Is on the gilded crystal products used real gold

Yes, we use on our products pure 24 carat gold. Gold, even used for years and under climatic conditions should not lose its beauty and attractiveness.

7. How do we label our crystal products?

Codename Crystal Glamour products consists of the following: 


11029              /220                        /964  


Numbers of the decors can also start with a number 9 (for example: 923), which means that the glass product is colored. Remaining two digits represent the decor used. That means that the product is cut by décor 523 and coloured.

After previously mentioned numbers can follow fourth number, which indicates what color is used. For example: 80469/180/923 1. This means that the product is cut with decor 523, the color is 923 and its color is red, which indicates number one.

The number of primary colors: 

1 – Red

2 – Blue

3 – Green

4 – Purple

5 – Yellow

6 – Light Blue

7 – Black

8 – Dark red

Numbers od decor can also indicates that the product is gold gilded. In this case, the product is marked with numbers 4444 ( horizontal matte gold with high enamel).

8. How are the sizes of crystal products marked?

Sizes of the glasses and tumblers are given in mililitres. The size of bottles, decanters and pitchers are given in centiliters. The height of the vases is given in millimeters. Bowls, footed bowls, plates and oil lamps are given in millimeters and it marks the biggest diameter of product.

9. What kind of labels do we use to mark our products?

We label our products with a label in the shape of crown with the inscription CRYSTAL GLAMOUR and a gold label with inscription 24 % PbO.

10. How do I an order?

On your request we will send you our price list of selected products. Minimum order is 40 pieces of products smaller than 200mm and 30 pieces of product larger than 200mm. For glasses and tumblers, the minimum quantity is 60 pieces.

11. What are the terms of delivery

Delivery time depends on the quantity ordered. Ussual delivery time is under 2 - 4 months after an advance payment.

12. How do we pack our products?

Products are packed in boxes with a label BOHEMIAN CRYSTAL made from a recyclable paper. Gold crystal is packed in a recyclable box with an inscription CRYSTAL GLAMOUR with a satin bedding inside.

13. How can I pay?

Our standard payment conditions are: 30% deposit of the total amount of the order before we start with the production. The rest of the amount after completion of order and before the delivery. Payments at best to be transferred to our account which would be listed on the invoice. Order may be concluded in the following currencies: CZK, EUR and USD.

14. Where can I buy your crystal products?

Crystal products from our factory can be purchased at our company store in Nerudova street 221/36 right under the Prague Castle. Opening hours are from Monday to Sunday from 10:00-20:00 hours. In addition, you can in our products in our store in Okrouhlice near Havlickuv Brod at the retail and wholesale prices. Opening hours are Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 13:00 hours.

15. Is it possible to see how is crystal made?

After a telephone appointment, you can visit us. Those who would be interrested can FREE look in to our production of blowing glass and grinding.

16. Where can I find your glass factory?

From Prague you can go on a highway D1 direction Brno, leave the highway on an exit 66 named Loket, Ledeč nad Sázavou then keep direction to Světlá.

From Vienna or Bratislava via Brno highway D1, exit 112 direction Havlíčkův Brod. From Havlíčkův Brod direction Světlá.


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