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10. 04. 2016

Our glasswork is the producer and the supplier of traditional cut Czech lead crystal with mark BOHEMIA CRYSTAL in whole world since year 1991.

Leaded glass with content of 24% PbO melts in electric two-basins furnace where only raw materials from Czech (Bohemia) suppliers are used.
900 kilograms is melted daily and 8 glassmakers work with this volume every day. All our blank glass is mouth-blowed and process just by hands.

Our glass products are decorated with classic decors, our own modern cut types, they are gilded with pure 24 carat gold and platinum. Further they are adorned by high enamel. Crystal products can be also coloured.

Production of Czech glass factory in Okrouhlice isn´t only about bohemia crystal. It also includes functional decorative products, like lamps for aromatic oils or chandelier spare parts. Special productions are crystal mills for pepper, herbs and sea salt mills, coffee grinders and other serving accessories.

Our glass sortiment is very different from the manuscript of the other glass factories in Ždár's region, where the glass masters work with different sodium-potassium glass. Products of CRYSTAL GLAMOUR are not based on randomly formed metallurgical glass, but they are hand made and blown into wooden or aluminium rotating forms, which ensure precise final form according to original proposal. All our products are entirely hand cut and further refined.


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